Beggars Park ep

by Between Blue

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This ep is a taste of our full-length hopefully coming out around Febuary. Enjoy these three songs that we are very proud of, my friends!


released June 19, 2010

Vocals/Guitar: Landon Maloney
Vocals/Bass Guitar: Matthew Moore
Guitar/Recitation: Levi Sikes
Drums/Vocals: Aaron Maloney

Recording/Production: Cody Prang



all rights reserved


Between Blue Newark, Delaware

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Track Name: Little Flash of Light
Oh, Amazing Grace
Why cant I look you in the face?
God loves his child.
Oh Father, I haven't seen you for a while.
I haven't seen you for a while.

The flower screams at the Sky.
Oh, how proud that little flower is.
"Why were you made so big and me, made so small?
I have more heart than you! and I'm smarter to!"
The Sky looked down with love in his eyes.

The sparrow screamed at the sky
where the Albatross flies
above that tiny bird. Above us all.
The Albatross swooped down
and wrapped it in his great wings!
Oh how safe we feel!

He loves us in every single way
but separation is where I choose to stay!
We're dying but we may not know it now
on this little flash of light we call the earth.

I can't see you! I can't see you no more!
And yet I see you everywhere I turn!
Track Name: Compelling
I was digging deeper with a note on my chest
There’s no time for sleep, there’s no time for me.
My best was never noticed before
I was searching deeper for that sound that I love
It’s inside of me, it’s inside of me, I swear
Now just look me in the eye

I won’t mean a thing until I believe it now.
But you mean everything
My hands are shaking out

Rain is falling on me like it’s some kind of curse
My body’s turning over while I’m hearing your words
I try to break meaning
I feel it in my bones like there is some kind of ghost so
I tell it to myself because I need it the most
I need to feel this
Besides, my words stumble through
The arms of everyone

I’ll tell you that it’s okay promise you straight
Now I got to leave, there are things to breath, the air
Has done some good for my lungs
But sleeping on this ocean never did me no harm
Your creation reaps while it’s fast asleep and your love,
Has got me twisted into knots.

My mind: nostalgic in a sense
But I can’t let this grow.
The earth, is nothing but a wall
For the pictures I’ve painted now.

Burning thoughts consume my home
As great winds and fire set it ablaze
Burning thoughts control your tongue
As I’m treading through these pages filled with time

Did You close your eyes when Your father prayed?
Did You hold the time when Your mother pained?
Did You hear the cries of Your children?
“Faster, Faster, Take me away”
In the beggar's park,
I heard you cut that note;

Decimate, move the words
Straight through their throats.
Track Name: Tin Cans Rattling (Wherever it Beats)
The tendon-bound back
Of the mountains
Is where I’m going
Past the northlands (to the right of the river-land)
With music in my bag
And a rhythm in my heart (wherever it beats?)
Am I a peddler with tin cans rattling,
As I rattle on about the silver I’m selling?!


If I’m a boastful axe,
Dull me down!
And if I’m a tilting glass,
Pour me out!
You’re calling me to smaller things,
With the great love of a peasant King!
Wherever it beats…

I’m sure you’ve been watching me
Just to be with me, and for no other cause!
But dear, this people-and-paper shuffling
Rarely lets me pause!
How quickly have I been climbing?
I’m sure my heart’s been timing it!
If I stop the flicker of tin machines
And for a moment just be quiet!
Maybe I could hear it!....

In the reflection of the glassy mountain
I saw a bursting, starry fountain.
Could I loose the cords of Orion
Or lead the Bear and her children?
Who pushed in those thumbtack lights?
Wherever it beats, make it right!